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The "How To" series is a mentorship from Ivan Tait. Look through this list to find an area of your life that needs a breakthrough, or can go deeper, or is taking too long to change, and allow Ivan to mentor you through it. Ivan shares revelation and insight through an easy to receive and personal sit down. He prays over you and ministers to your heart for healing, restoration and freedom. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you during these moments into the promises of His Word.
How to Know God is Leading You $10.00
How to Live Inside the Presence of God $10.00
How to Find the Love of Your Life $10.00
How to Overcome Any Temptation Instantly $10.00
How to Bless Your House and Remove Every Evil Presence $10.00
How to Be a Woman of Freedom $10.00
How to Get Your Family Saved $10.00
How to Heal Your Sleep $10.00
How to Raise Spiritual Children $10.00
How to Get Your Children Baptized in the Holy Ghost $10.00
How to Know God Loves You $10.00
How to Bring Your Bible to Life $10.00
How to Get Supernatural Strength When You Need it the Most $10.00
How to Change Your Life Now $10.00
How to Get Rid of a Jezebel (Intimidating) Spirit $10.00
How to Develop Your Inner Man- Part 1 $10.00
How to Develop Your Inner Man- Part 2 $10.00
How to Develop Your Inner Man- Part 3 $10.00
How to Activate Revival in You and Your Family $10.00
How to Become a Paymaster $10.00
How to Become a Verbal Healer $10.00
How to Be Delivered from Depression $10.00
How to Love Ugly and Difficult People $10.00
How to Forgive the Unforgivable $10.00
How to Be Healed from a Divorce $10.00
How to Be Healed from Verbal Abuse $10.00
How to Be Healed from Sexual Abuse $10.00
How to Know You're Going to Heaven When You Die $10.00
How to Be Healed from an Orphan Spirit $10.00
How to Get Back What the Devil Has Stolen $10.00
We're Going Somewhere in the Holy Ghost $10.00
I Have Never Seen a Vulture Eating a Moving Cow $10.00
33 - The Nine Needs of a Woman $10.00
I Love My Church $10.00
Journey to Wholeness $10.00
Purpose, Process, Destination $10.00
The Invisible Worshiper $10.00
38 - In My Father's House $10.00
An Enemy Called Comfort $10.00
The Importance of Being Relevant $10.00