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The 9 Needs of a Woman

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There is a growing movement in the body of Christ to see the emergence of women’s ministry. In all areas women are beginning to discover and function in their true giftings, and imparting their unique views, ideas and creative anointings. This message is intended to restore, revive and bless women all over the world, and see them come into all that God has planed for their lives.
Every Woman has needs. When these needs are met they experience a wonderful life of fulfillment and significance. When they are not met, there is frustration and strife. No longer settle into a life of strife, conflict and unfulfilled desires. Experience the freedom and purposes of Jesus Christ!
The 9 Needs:
To be loved 
To be needed
To be special
To be seen
To be remembered
To be appreciated
To belong
To be understood
To contribute
The bonus DVD is great for a ladies group study!

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