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The Journey of a Man

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Regardless of age or job title, every man is in one of three stages in his life: Orphan, Son, or Father. But how do you really know what category you're in?

Despite having parents, many men are orphans who have never learned to become sons. It is astounding how many men carry wounds they are unable to heal, questions they have given up on the answers as to not seem weak, and mechanisms of coping they have adapted that do not align with God’s purpose and destiny for their lives. This series delves into some of the most daunting but important realities that every man finds himself in as he walks through each season of life. Ivan Tait shares from his own revealing and detailed journey from a confused young boy filled with insecurity, to a violent teenager consumed by hate, to a global, influential communicator and father whose heart has been doused by the love of God. The Journey of a Man will provide answers to many of your unresolved questions and give you insight into the original purpose God has assigned for you to carry in freedom.

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