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The Fruitful Life

  • $14.95

  • 5 Sessions-
  • 15 Powerful revelations-
  • Your Start to seeing more fruit in your life!-

For every fruit there is a gift, and for every gift there is a fruit. Each one balances the other. In The Fruitful Life series, you will learn the 9 seeds that produce the 9 roots that then create the 9 fruits

  • Part 1- The Power of seeds, What Seeds Actually Are, How to Develop Seeds
  • Part 2- The Roots of the Spirit, Your Roots Determine Your Fruits, The Function of Fruits, How Roots Function, The Health of Your Roots, The Four Functions and Blessings of Roots
  • Part 3- The Importance of Fruit, Walking in the Spirit
  • Part 4- How to Develop Fruit, Fruit Diseases, Fruit Soil
  • Part 5- The 9 Revelations of Fruit and Their Blessings
    This series will not only enrich your own life, but also your family, your business, and every aspect of who you are. You will learn about all of the different types of fruit, as well as how to develop good fruit as opposed to evil or rotten fruit. Allow God to take you on a heart transforming journey through The Fruitful Life and develop more of His nature and fruit within you.

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