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The Tangibility of God DVD

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The series, "The Tangibility of God," is probably the most significant series I have ever done because it speaks directly into the BIGGEST NEED AND LACK in the body of Christ. We must have a truly Tangible relationship with God. Imagine learning how to SEE GOD even though He is invisible, HEAR GOD even though He doesn't normally use an audible voice, FEEL GOD even though He has no body, TOUCH GOD, TASTE GOD, SMELL GOD, PERCEIVE GOD, and KNOW GOD! These secrets will all be revealed to you. After 35 years of walking with the Lord, I believe God has given me some of the most precious revelations I have ever received. Your relationship with GOD will be COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED. His pleasure, presence, glory, peace, joy, and love will begin to fill and saturate your life. When you capture this message, your life will truly NEVER BE THE SAME.

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