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End of Year

End of Year

  • $40.00

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Enjoy these powerful series at a significantly reduced price of $40 for all three!

The Open Heaven Life ($20): This powerful 8-cd message will equip you to open the windows of finance, love, business, personal victory, relationship breakthrough, emotional peace, supernatural favor, revelation, his constant presence, God revealing Himself, signs and wonders, and souls!

The 12 Secrets of Answered Prayer ($10): This 4-cd series will give you the 12 secrets that you need to know in order to live a life full of answered prayers and miracles. The dam will break and the river of answered prayer will head your way!

Finding Your Promised Land ($10): This 6-cd series is designed for the totally surrendered Christian whose desire is to go beyond the struggling lifestyle of unempowerment. With the knowledge in this message, you will be able to find your dream and live the life that God has promised you, not a life of failure, but of continual Victory!

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