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Letters From God For Children

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Hardcover Devotional for parents and their children!

Ivan has a tender belief in this next generation and has utilized a child-like imagination to reveal the Almighty God. The revelations in Letters from God for Children will prepare your children for a divinely ordained future. God will be given a daily opportunity to minister to fertile hearts -- hearts that may be under attack, hearts that hold a life of potential.

Consider this: what would have been different for you had you, as a child, understood deep truths about God and His ways? What hurts would not have gone deep enough to wound or change you? What fears would have been turned into faith? What God-seeds could have been planted?

Receive the call, parents! Read this every day with your children gathered around you. Lead them in this easy-to-follow, strategically written, memorable journey. God’s Word expresses that while the darkness is getting darker, the light will shine brighter. May your children shine so brightly that we all find it easier to serve Jesus and honor Him with our lives!

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