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365 Things Your Children Should Know Before They Leave Your House

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This book is a medicine cabinet of divine cures and preventions. It is a sledgehammer against the lies being constructed in the minds of our children. It will unlock the vaults of heaven and allow your children to rise from their normal selves into their divine selves.

Consider this as an aid to you as a parent and mentor. It contains clear answers for real-life issues that will connect the Spirit of God to your child's mind, character, and conscience. The best cure is prevention. Would you rather rescue your child or watch them develop into a rescuer of others? Would you prefer to worry about your child's ability to resist the pressures of this world or live in a peace that sees them become a source of strength and comfort, even for you? Parents get to choose to have children of life or children of death. The choice is easy, yet many parents are too self-absorbed to pay the price to become managers of their children's destinies. The greatest curse to a child is a distracted or lazy parent. You became a mentor the day you conceived your child. You are all that they have. You are their roadmap to life or death, prosperity or poverty, value or shame, good or evil, blessing or cursing, right or wrong, and relevance or insignificance. You are the chosen vessel of God to raise them. Their future is in your hands. Take the time to impart divinity to your child one truth at a time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Make a one-year plan with this book and give your child a future constructed from God's unshakable wisdom.

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