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The Open Heaven Life

The Open Heaven Life

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Too many Christians are living under a Heaven that has been closed by God Himself. This powerful message will teach you:

10 Things That Close the Windows
What Happens When They are Open
What the 12 Windows Are
The Five Keys That Open Them


God has so much blessing and favor stored up for you, if only you could unlock it. Now you will be able to!

In these 8 CDs you will be equipped to open the windows of:

  1. Finance
  2. Love
  3. Business
  4. Personal Victory
  5. Relationship Breakthrough
  6. Emotional Peace
  7. Supernatural Favor
  8. Revelation
  9. His Constant Presence
  10. God Revealing Himself
  11. Signs and Wonders
  12. Souls

Formally the series called, "How to Live Under an Open Heaven."

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