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Eating the Whole Lamb

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Only Jesus can satisfy, transform and make whole. We need every part of Jesus to invade every part of ourselves. Only when Jesus is our all in all can we truly be free, whole and effective. To have the Lord Jesus ruling and reigning in our hearts, will and character is to receive the full benefit from the sacrifice of Jesus. To be able to glorify Him for what He has done we must receive all the parts of Jesus into our lives. 
Eating the Whole Lamb is an inspiring message on how to receive all of Jesus into our lives. Ivan simplifies, clarifies and explains the person of Jesus in such a way that you will learn how to eat the mind and all the parts of Him that revolutionize our lives
You will find every part of Jesus is necessary to achieve wholeness. We cannot pick and choose which parts of Jesus we want to eat for whatever part we reject we remain incomplete and unchanged. 
Topics Covered:
1. The Whole Lamb                                 2. Who we are in Him
3. Renewed in the mind of Christ            4. Receiving the heart of Christ
5. Following the feet of Christ                  6. Standing on the legs of Christ
7. Absorbing the herbs of Christ              8. Discovering Christ’s blessings

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