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Revival Rx

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To live in the center of God's heart is to live in the center of all strength. Everything we put into our life produces a consequent destination, and each destination births destiny. Our array of cultures and experiences leave us with unending options resulting in sour lives and a sick soul or the divine sweetness of being powerful in God. Each experience we choose is either a drug or medicine, and destiny follows the choice. False antidotes make a false life, but Jesus our Physician offers us cures for what ails us - real living, real happiness, and real fulfillment. God's revival medicine makes life on earth relevant. We are always one decision away from dilemma or destiny. So today, choose life - God's life for you - uncluttered, uncorrupted, genuine, passionate. god's life is free from permanent symptoms: failure, valleys, dungeons of despair, and fear cannot remain in the presence of the Healer. A healed life cannot be irrelevant. Jesus' Truth is the only medicine of the soul. Be awakened by Revival Rx and have God align you with His best life. Allow this message to eradicate and cure any symptoms that are outside the wholeness that God has for you.


x accepting apathy

x patterns of failure

x lack of impact on others

x being easily distracted

x dissatisfaction with life

x lack of intimacy with God

x living as the world

As you apply this message these symptoms will not persist.

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