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This is a very significant work. As you embark on the journey, your life will begin to mould to the voice of freedom; both through taking your authority and, through unlocking the imprisoned places in your heart.
    Far too many people- individuals, marriages, families, and churches, - have seen unnecessary destruction in their lives because they did not understand who it was they were in battle against and what it was he was trying to do to them. You have an enemy who wants only to steal, kill, and destroy as much in your life as possible. He wants to separate you from everything that can heal you, bless you, deliver you, and restore you, and he will do anything he can to accomplish that. But, the good news is that you can live free of Satan's influence and know only a life of consistent peace and true joy.
    Knowing the devil's strategies and weapons allows you to recognize when he is attempting to bring destruction to you or those you love. Through the Untouchable series, you will discover the devil's schemes and strategies, which will then
    teach you the self-defense techniques necessary to prevent him from having any sort of authority in your life. You will be equipped to disarm him even before he has spoken or made a move! When we are spiritually educated, we can be spiritually triumphant.  Each victory in your life creates a greater inheritance; each  level of understanding moves you forward into your destiny
    God is our Shield, our Sword, and our Victory! Be empowered through this message to stand in power through the Word of God, walk in His divine love, and live in the fullness that Jesus paid for us to have.

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