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Woman Defined

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Do you know your true worth? 
Do you know why you are divine and so magnificent?
Do you truly understand what makes you worthy of being called daughter by the Most High God?

Absolutely nothing can establish this knowledge in you unless you accept the fact that we are allowed and invited into an amazing, lasting relationship with the Creator of the universe. Accept that invitation and walk in the knowledge of it every single day. Be defined by it and driven by it so that you will know the answers to the previous questions clearly and completely. No one and nothing will ever be able to make you question them again. 

Its true, you are beautiful, you are magnificently created, you have gifts in your personality that make you charming and likeable but all of these pale in comparison to the glory and magnificence of who you are when you worship your King with all of your heart. This is the measure of a true woman. This is you. You will find yourself completely swept off your feet, with a glowing for your God. There will be times when you find quiet moments and all you can do is think of His beautiful face and of who you are in His perfect presence. This is joy. This is completion. All other goals and accomplishments are shadows and dust next to sitting at His feet and hearing Him say He loves you. We can strive and struggle our entire lives to become superwoman but in the end we will still just be His little girl that missed out on the true wealth, His companionship. I believe that because we have discovered God’s calling on our lives, we will be strong, confident, whole women. It is impossible to be women of power if we are not whole. We will not be a great host that carries the Word of God if we do not have our identity and confidence in the right places. 

Do not let yourself give up on all that God has planned for you. Do not let the sins of humans and the weaknesses of self get in the way of the divine! God has it all there for us! All we need to do is listen to His beautiful, still, quiet, yet mighty voice, allowing it to be the loudest voice in our lives, and then acting on it. He will take care of the rest. So stand strong and stand tall. Be liberated from your fear, do not live small, and know that you are God’s beauty and the manifestation of His Glory. Walk as royalty and live as a servant. You are magnificent. You are a woman defined.

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