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Becoming God Wealthy

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There is money-wealth that can leave us God-poor, and there is God-wealth that leaves us life-rich. Man is on a constant search for peace, love, and joy. He will sell his soul for peace, and he will try all forms of pleasure and entertainment for love and joy. As a result, man is plagued with poverty of the soul, body, and spirit. We are deserts of dryness, emptiness, and loneliness, Without God, man can be intellectually saved yet experientially lost. We long for a soul full of love, a mind full of peace, life without torment, days without fear, and a life filled with purposeful meaning and destiny. God-Wealth is the richness of the nature of God, having wisdom, discernment, and the power of God flowing into your life.These wealths are what mankind craves: stillness, harmony, unity, calmness. These are the yearnings of the truth-seeker.


1. The road to God-wealth
2. The 9 poverties
3. The definitions of God-wealth
4. The keys to living in God-wealth
5. False happiness
6. The search for God-wealth
7. Poverty: broken and shattered
8. The sources of God-wealth
9. The house of wealth
10. The ghettos of life

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