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The Prophetic Parent

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Never has it been so important to be a wise, connected, consistent, and prophetic parent.

Meet the new you: an inspired parent with infinite, spiritual resources and inexhaustible strength and energy. Hidden in this book are the secrets of divine parenting, breakthrough revelation, and treasured keys for raising divine children. A child with a destiny needs a parent with destiny. Learn how to discern the spiritual condition of your child’s mind. Learn how to teach your child to think like Jesus.

Discover the secrets of God’s prophetic power over your children through the prayers you will be guided to pray. Your prayers are powerful and will give God access to the emotional atmosphere of your children. In this book, you will dive into the wisdom of God’s perspective and explore the oceans of possibility for your children. You will become a parent with divine senses, seeing what is not visible, hearing what is not being said, and finding the combinations of your children’s hearts. Don’t be less than you should be; don’t climb into the well of failure and self-pity. Bury failure underneath a mountain of truth, faith, and love. Now is your time to shine! Become and forever remain the hero of your children’s hearts!

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