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The Lovable You

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A book can be a living miracle when it's content releases medicine from Heaven. It can mend lifelong wounds, heal soul-contaminating sores, and cauterize infections of the mind. Books are potential doctors—they can carry eternity within their pages.


No book (by a worthy author) was ever written to be meaningless or ordinary. Therefore, The Lovable You is a book aimed at healing the personality and mending the twisted soul. It is a book that will take you on a journey of transformative changes. These will be of such a profound nature that you will feel as if your soul is being recreated. The thorns that have always felt present in your heart will be removed. The sour and bitter elements will melt into kind and genuine forgiveness. Enemies will become lifelong friends, and brokenness will become an altar of worship, where the streams of God’s healing love will flow. Unreachable places within you will stand up and cry for help.


What soul does not need a visitation from God? God answers this through words, which act as a melting pot where all His divinities become an appointment with significance. The Lovable You will put the keys in your hands for removing the unlikable and unlovable pieces of you. How many friends have you lost? How many rejections have you experienced? How many stiff harms have you felt in your life? Then take the cure, walk the path, and enter the chamber of change. Find the beauty of imparted graces, and you’ll find the prickly parts of you disappearing.


To be loved is to be lovable. Becoming lovable takes Heavenly insight. To watch as all the right people love you, to hold grace in your face, and to possess the beauties of Jesus in your mannerisms—these are true life. The Lovable You is a book of behavioral miracles, a book of clean answers. Once you’re lovable, you have reached peace. A truly lovable person knows to enjoy the love that comes their way and not be bothered by those whose love is broken. To be lovable is to be loved by the right people!

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